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Participants with MS are evaluated monthly in a community based clinic held at the Gateway YWCA in Winston Salem NC.  Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Occupational Therapy students from Winston-Salem State University partner with licensed physical and occupational therapists to assess participants’ physical, mental, functional, and social status.   


Clinic personnel use reliable and valid outcome measures endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association and American Occupational Therapy Association.  Participants are reassessed at each visit to determine progress toward goals and to identify new or developing issues that require a change in treatment plan or  referral to additional medical services.

Our program objectives are to:

(1)Empower people to move beyond their MS by giving them the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors, and live their best lives through health and wellness.

(2)Enhance the physical, emotional, and overall quality of life of participants and their families.

(3)Provide graduate level physical therapy students with a valuable educational experience managing the MSfit Clinic and working hands-on with people living with MS. 

(4)Take the results from our program and provide them to physicians and neurologists to go towards studies and research.


2019 MSFit Clinic Schedule:

  • January 14th

  • February 11th

  • March 18th

  • April 8th

  • May 13th

  • June 17th

  • July 8th

  • August 26th

  • September 9th

  • September 30th

  • November 11th


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