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MSFit participants are able to join weekly Medical Therapeutic Yoga classes provided by expert instructors and licensed PTs, and are offered free access to equipment and classes provided at the Gateway YWCA.        

MS Yoga Objectives:

·Provide free skilled interdisciplinary behavioral health intervention through the use of yoga group interventions to improve balance, strength, and fatigue.


·Provide free group yoga classes to people with MS in order to help them maintain their current level of function as well as to improve fatigue management and social support


·Help the participants with long-term behavior changes based on the component like work/rest balance, self-care as a necessary part of healthy living, and exercise as a means to living healthier lives.

To learn more about classes or to schedule an MSFit Clinic appointment click the "Contact" tab and select "Schedule Your Appointment" and someone will contact you as soon as possible.


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